10 Rules of Coffee Drinking In Italy

When you think of coffee, Italy most likely comes first to your mind. And you need to visit this culturally rich European nation to learn the seemingly mystical rules of coffee drinking and enjoy your favorite cup like the Italians do. While some may argue that the coffee cult of Italy is now widely adopted all over the world – London, New York, Dubai – you will not know what you’re missing until you sip that first cup in an elegant cafe on the streets of Rome or Venice.

And how do you order your coffee in Italy? Well, if it is your first time in the country, your coffee ordering is almost like an initiation ceremony into the culture.

Here’s the first rule for you: never order a ‘double-shot large skinny latte topped with cream’. You can make most coffee orders in Italy by saying just one word. ‘Caffè’ translates into a strong espresso shot. If you say ‘macchiato’, you get an espresso shot with a small dollop of hot steamed milk.

For those who want a shot of espresso with some hot water, an ‘americano’ is the right drink to pick from the menu. And let’s save the most revered white coffee beverage for the last – the famous ‘cappuccino’. This is an espresso blended with frothy warm milk. Low-fat milk might be a far-fetched demand in Italy. A decaf? Maybe.

There is something quite special about sipping coffee while sitting in an open café on a cobbled street in Italy. When you visit a city in the country, you will be amused to find multiple places with the signboard “bar”. You might even think that Italians could have a potential drinking problem! Well, the only drinking problem they have is related to coffee. 🙂 And sooner or later, you will figure out that a “bar” isn’t really an alcohol-serving bar, it is a “café”.

To help you in your Italian coffee adventures Med Cruise Guide created this infographic – take a moment and explore it before entering a ‘bar’ in Italy. Enjoy!

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