Education as Tool of Empowering Specially-abled in India

With the onset of the new century, Education and education for all is new age mantra. It has started increasingly being viewed as a significant and primary mechanism for empowering the marginalized sections and differently-abled people of the population.

Education aims not only for individual empowerment and self-sufficiency, but it also cultivates social, physical, mental and spiritual development for an entire nation, explained by a veteran teachers at a school for special children in Delhi.Presently, all focus is on developing the correct approach than the traditional and charity models for empowering ‘specially-abled’ people with education in Delhi and other metropolitan cities in India. Professionals in progressive India, like teachers, organizations and activists, emphasise only on education. They have realized education as the only ultimate tool for the upliftment and empowerment of all section of society especially the specially abled. Needless to say, that a differently-abled person can lead a regular, healthy, civic and dignified life with the potent and much-needed instrument of education in India. Support for various category of ‘differently-abled’ education in Delhi

There are various categories of differently-abled children such as visually challenged, speech and hearing impairment and so forth. It is hence, a challenge, before our government to provide them a special requirement-based education. There are different models that are in operations to educate disabled children. In the past, only special school system operated in educating disabled children, which was not effective enough due to the incapability of the resources in these institutions. However, these days special focus has been put to educate special children. Schools are been structured for the specially –abled children and adult. These schools not just impart the regular knowledge from text books and syllabus, but emphasis is manifested to provide vocational training to them too. The skills of the children are identified and developed further to equip them to live a life of dignity and respect.” Recently 2 boys from a renowned Special school of Delhi, has joined us in our photography team. They are doing a fabulous job in our framing and back office department, “shared Ms. Nitya. Teachers and the support staff too are trained, to realize the issues pertaining to special students, explained a senior staff member of a school for special children in Delhi. Also, efforts are made to develop barrier-free environment inside the premises, all leading to better education of differently abled.

The Government too is doing its dues to provide provisions of education to all children including children with disabilities, state senior Principal at school for special children in Delhi. Special policies and grants have been formulated in this regards. Specially abled  children are equally entitled to regular education in regular schools. Government directives have been laid to admit the specially abled and impart knowledge.  Additionally, special endeavors in National capital towards education for special children plays a vital role in enhancing the status of the physically challenged children and adults to live with dignity, honor, and independence, recognized a senior counselor at a school for special children in Delhi.

We have read that government is doing its part, are we, as students, teachers and even schools, working towards empowering the differently-abled? Are we welcoming and embracing their presence in our society? Are we open and free from prejudices yet? It is our duty not to enjoy the benefits of the provisions only, but also to give back to society the privileges in the form of service. By active participation, we should make an approach to integrate all the provisions. We need to work for the upliftment and empowerment of specially-abled children in Delhi and in the nation at large.

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