Have a look of Divyanka Tripathi’s Mehendi & Haldi Ceremony

Divyanka Tripathi is one of the most famous actresses in Indian television industry and loved by everyone.

Now, As we know Divyanka is going to knot with her fiance Vivek Dahiya. She is collecting awesome memories in her mehendi and haldi ceremony. She looks very pretty in all functions.

Let’s have a look of her Mehendi. In Pink lehenga she looks amazing with perfect matching jewellery.



Full Mehendi

Feeling the happiness and enjoying this moment


She got his & her face tattooed in Mehendi


Have a Look at Her haldi Ceremony

She wore Yellow Lehenga in her Haldi ceremony and she look very beautiful , adorable and elegant with colourful background


Shy Moment With colourful Umbrella


Haldi Ceremony



Singing With Friends


Mother’s Love to Her Daughter

They will get all happiness in our life, best wishes and God bless them Always 🙂 !!

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One thought on “Have a look of Divyanka Tripathi’s Mehendi & Haldi Ceremony

  • Yohaig About Nigeria

    (August 2, 2017 - 2:11 pm)

    Whenever I consider the litany of dashed hopes that the Nigerian people have had to live through, despondency appears a natural reaction. But
    how does one surrender to negativism so easily? I am an incurable apostle of hope.
    Tomorrow has just got to be better than today.

    It’s as simple as that.

    Was it not just two years ago when Buhari rode to power on the wings of our
    collective hope. Now, sadly, he ails. Shortly after he assumed power,
    some of the more notable treasury looters relocated to various countries in Europe
    and the Middle East. With the president’s illness becoming so
    grave that he had to be taken abroad, the large army of eminent leeches has regrouped and
    unleashed their malodorous presence in the public space.

    The strategy of those who have a case or several to answer is to capitalise on the absence of the president
    to reclaim lost grounds. First they want to distract the Acting President through
    a series of irritations. Second, they want EFCC chief Ibrahim Magu fired.
    Third, they want a quick release of money for constituency projects so that they can start stockpiling cash for the
    2019 elections.

    But at this stage of the war, at this initial stage when muscle is
    needed, the absence of Buhari is bad news to all those
    who want the Augean stable cleaned out. While the
    cerebral Acting President has angered treasury looters by being
    on the same page with Buhari on virtually all counts, it is becoming clearer by the
    day that we have got to a stage in this ‘roforofo’
    fight that fangs have to be bared. Prof. Osinbajo, leadership is not just about being
    goody-goody. One side of the coin is benevolence; the other is ruthlessness against evil.

    That is why I am praying for Buhari to get well and come back to face the
    job of repairing Nigeria squarely. Mind you, I’m not saying Buhari is indispensable, but I can wager that some people are going to soil their underpants if he returns today and some of the brazen relapse
    to the terrible days of yore will cease. In the meantime, let Osinbajo
    step on the gas.

    Perhaps the period of convalescence has enabled Buhari to
    introspect and realise that he could actually have done much better than he did in the
    first half. Even as he fights corruption, the president has to improve on his pan-Nigerian credentials by
    ensuring that federal appointments are spread more evenly among the six
    zones of the country. The fact that the immediate past administration ran a
    skewed government does not justify a repeat of their mistake.

    Buhari was elected to correct the wrongs, not compound them.

    Part of that introspection also must be the need for the president to shun any clandestine structure unknown to his party and the country’s
    constitution. Nigerians did not vote for any cabal but for a president whose
    integrity was the greatest selling point. Many of those who
    ought to be in jail if we were running a saner country,
    are openly praying that the president does not return.
    Governor Ayo Fayose, the pestilence of Ekiti
    State, has made his ill-will against the president so compulsive as if his very life depended on Buhari not returning
    to office. (Or does it!)

    At the last count, at least 21 senators were
    either being investigated or prosecuted by the EFCC. The game plan of the legislature to frustrate the anti-corruption war is
    becoming clearer by the day. While the House of Representatives attempted to smuggle in amnesty for treasury looters to save many of its
    members from the law, the senate is even more brazen. They want nothing short of the presidency through the back door.

    Last week, Senator Eyinnaya Abaribe representing Abia
    Central moved a motion to declare Senate President Bukola Saraki as acting president since the Substantive president, Muhammadu Buhari,
    was away on medical vacation and Acting President Osinbajo was attending
    the 29th Ordinary Session of the Assembly of the African Union in Ethiopia.

    Some commentators have described that move as an attempted legislative coup since there was no vacuum.

    A badly written script was being played out.

    Where was Senator Abaribe when the budget estimates for the Second Niger
    Bridge (a project close to the hearts of people in the South-East and South-South) was being slashed by his colleagues in favour of so-called constituency

    We may also look at another senator whose silence when it mattered most was so loud.
    Ex-radical Senator Olusola Adeyeye of Osun Central could not find his
    voice when the estimates for the Lagos-Ibadan highway was being slashed but he was quick to jump
    to the defence of the senate against the executive.

    For those who still think that we can achieve some cosmetic
    changes to our federalism through the legislature, I have
    a question: Are these the same people expected to assent to
    the proposed changes in the constitution which probably would
    include —by popular demand — the scrapping of the senate?

    So, I would say, perish pessimism and justifiable
    anger at dashed hopes. For the task at hand, I want Buhari back, hale, hearty and rejuvenated;
    imbued with a new pan-Nigerian fervour and determined
    to do justice to all manner of persons; in words and deed truly belonging to everybody
    and to nobody — and certainly not to any cabal.

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