Wine Pairing With Three Classic Desserts

Experts Rebecca Lamont, Manager of Berry Bros. and Rudd Wine School, Melanie Reeve, the senior wine expert at Vinopolis and Micah Carr-Hill, Head of Taste at Green & Black’s Organic are of the opinion that the only thing which matters in pairing wine and chocolate is choosing the appropriate wine to complement the right chocolate.

Wine pairing with desserts is a great option which should be opted and tried by everyone, especially dessert and wine lovers. It gives a different touch to your desserts rather than having it simply without any combinations. The three main dessert pairings we have are:

1. Dark chocolate with Shiraz

Desserts such as dark chocolate, chocolate truffle all pair very well with different wines that complement the rich, bittersweet flavour.

Shiraz- bold, dry, spicy red from Australia often has flavours which taste similar to berries and jam. It is also known for its spicy blackberry, plum.

Shiraz majorly goes hand in hand with dark chocolate because Shiraz is mostly made for them, especially for those that have fruit flavours in them, like oranges. As it is dry, the fruit flavours complement the dark chocolate very well while the tannins cut through the fattiness of the dessert.

Its dryness balances the sweetness of the chocolate while the jam flavour is enough to smooth out any bitterness. A great combination tip is to try Shiraz with a raspberry filled dark chocolate as it has an amazing combination to taste.

2. Vin Santo with Tiramisu

Vin Santo is a style of Italian dessert wine. Have you ever tried to pair it with Tiramisu?

Tiramisu is, in fact, a great foil for all kinds of interesting drinks. But, it works great with Vin Santo. This wine would work well with tiramisu because of its light caramel flavour and intensity. You could also pair it with an old sweet oloroso sherry, Bual Madeira or Moscatel, a hazelnut flavoured liqueur like Frangelico or a coffee-flavoured one like Kahlua or simply follow it with an espresso coffee to echo the coffee notes and balance any excess sweetness.

This wine is also loved for its intense flavours of hazelnut and caramel which is preferred by most of the people. When paired with biscotti, Vin Santo becomes “Cantucci e Vin Santo” which is inarguably Italy’s most famous welcoming tradition. Moreover, it also tastes amazingly aesthetic.

3. Rieslings with desserts- flan

Riesling wine is one rare grape variety which is capable of producing a complete spectrum of wine styles, from bone dry to lusciously sweet. It’s natural brisk acidity and pureness of fruit makes it ideal for highly concentrated dessert wines. The acidity balances the amount of excess sweetness, giving the wine an elegant lift and extraordinary length. Because of the amount of the concentration and high acidity, these wines will sustain beautifully for decades.

Rieslings are being preferred on many occasions and also they are included in the “top three” white wines varieties together with Chardonnay and Sauvignon blanc.

Rieslings are extremely versatile with any kind of food. They make a good combination with pungent cheeses, especially blue cheese.

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